Behavioural analysis of Carbon di sulphide production unit in a Viscose staple fibre plant with old age replacement policy

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

Surabhi Sengar

Abstract :

The behavioural analysis of Carbon di sulphide unit in the viscose staple fibre plant is discussed. The Carbon di sulphide plant consists of six subsystems connected in series namely, Sulphur pit, Charcoal unit, Electric furnace, Sulphur separator, Gas production unit and Chilled water unit. Old age replacement policy has been applied for chilled water unit since this unit has completed an age say T, and still it is working good. Thus two cases have been discussed in this paper. In the first case chilled water unit is working well even after it attains an age but the system is working with high risk and in the second case old chilled water unit has been replaced by a new one. It is assumed that the system can fail due to workers strike.

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