Comparison of Digital Forensic tools used in DFAI system

Paper Topic :

Computer Vision

Author Name :

Dhwaniket Ramesh Kamble

Abstract :

As Technology is growing fast, the use of computers is also growing with rapid speed. In todays world the use of Digital Forensics have also become essential. Digital Forensics is a step-by-step process of scientific methods and techniques to investigate crime obtained from digital evidences. For investigating the digital evidences there are many Digital Forensic tools which are used to investigate digital crimes by identifying the digital evidences. The system Digital Forensic tool integrated with Artificial Intelligence (DFAI) is used for monitoring the packets from network and detect the attacks. This paper shows the use of different Digital Forensic tools that are utilized in DFAI system. The study results in the comparison of Digital Forensic tools used in DFAI system on the basis of basic features and some conditional requirements and specify how good these tools can be in Digital Forensic investigation

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