Desulphurization of Diesel By Using Low Cost Adsorbent

Paper Topic :

Environmental Engineering

Author Name :

Prof. Gaurav.B.Daware

Abstract :

The removal of organo-suplur compound from diesel fuel is a important aspect of all countries to reduce pollution by reducing the emission of toxic gases such as sulphur oxides and other polluted materials. Increasing stringent environmental protection regulations mean that motor fuel producer must include their existing technology and to start considering alternative means of isolating sulphur from diesel oil. One of the easily and fast method to remove sulphur from diesel oil is adsorption desulphurization process. Adsorption desulphurization process of diesel fuel was proposed and examined. Local diesel fuel was treated by using different natural adsorbents like rice husk, leaves of mango and Neem at room temperature in batch work. The contact time was examined and chosen. The result shows that high desulphurization was brought about by Neem leaves. This high reduction will definitely improve the emission quality and reduce the harmful effects of the combustion process of diesel fuel to the environment. KEYWORDS: Sulphur, adsorption, adsorptive desulphurization, Neem leaves.

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