Propelling Sustainable Development in Communities with Better Infrastructure

Paper Topic :

Environmental Engineering

Author Name :

Palak S. Shah

Abstract :

Infrastructure is the set of structural elements that supports the day-to-day function, and influences the direction of human society. Sustainable infrastructure refers to the designing, building, and operating of these structural elements in ways that do not diminish the social, economic and ecological processes required maintaining human equity, diversity, and the functionality of natural systems. Infrastructure is critical to sustainable community development, our future well-being and the day-to-day lives of individuals. The infrastructure we are building today will shape tomorrow’s communities. The paper refers to various sustainable infrastructural parameters as to help attain sustainable development keeping in mind the consequences and the amount of planning and investment that will be needed. Some of the most important parameters on which the sustainable community depends are highlighted with a view that these parameters once focused upon can start a revolution onto how communities are being built and that modifications that are necessary can be thus infused.

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