A Review on 3D Printing Technology

Paper Topic :

Control and Automation

Author Name :

Swati B. Nale

Abstract :

3D Printing Technology is also known as rapid prototyping where a 3 dimensional object is created by lying down the successive layers of material. Here in this technology 3 steps are included such as designing, printing & finishing. In 1st step we use any CAD software to create 3d design. In 2nd step 3D printer create an object using this design. And 3rd step finished object is removed from printer. This technology save time & cost. It saves wastage of material. It is very useful in industries for give the demo of any product. By using this technology we can turn our ideas into the physical object. It very flexible technology, no skilled person required to handle the printer. It is very useful to one & all who have an idea to create something.

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