Hybrid Controller-based Active Line Conditioner

Paper Topic :

Electrical Engg (Power Electronics)

Author Name :

Dr. M. C. Tripathy

Abstract :

A single-phase Synchronous Link Converter (SLC) is modeled with a reactive and non-linear load. The technique of Sliding Mode Control (SMC) is used in SLC so as to act as Active Line Conditioner. The main objective of using SLC is to act as Active Power Filter for harmonics compensation and power factor correction of the load. A hybrid controller, which is the combined conventional PI and fuzzy controller, is incorporated in SLC. Initially in order to study the performances of SLC (i.e., merits and limitations), it is operated with PI and Fuzzy controller separately. Later merits of both the controls(i.e., PI and Fuzzy) are taken up and it has been transformed into a hybrid controllers to ALC. The ALC is connected to the point of common coupling and simulated using MATLAB/Simulink. The results from simulations are presented for justifications.

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