Psycho-Electro Control of Human Mind State (PECHMS)

Paper Topic :

Control and Automation

Author Name :

Mohsinuddin KhajaMoinuddin

Abstract :

Wireless Impact of mental stress is increasing day by day all over the world as referred by world health organization (W.H.O). Hypertension major cardiovascular disease causing deaths compare to other diseases. Various methods are adopted to measure blood pressure like sphygmomanometer, digital B.P methods, ultrasonic and many more. These methods give measurement only, where as no any kind of method to regulate the blood pressure. Here we made a first step towards making an engineering system to regulate the blood pressure using some psychological methods which can be integrated with measurement. Another concept is to provide standardization of skin resistance which changes from person to person. The skin resistance is directly proportional to value of blood pressure. Major concern involves to reduce monthly expenditure to middle economy families and to provide effective method so as to limit the boundaries of hypertension based cardiovascular diseases.

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