E Commerce Recommendations Using Multidimensional Association Rule Mining with Clustering- A Review

Paper Topic :

Data Mining

Author Name :

Aakash Shah

Abstract :

E commerce means trading in products, services using internet. Due to increasing popularity of internet e commerce is developing rapidly in last few years and purchasing products online has become social mainstream. On E commerce site customer are submerged with huge amount of information so in this situation it is not easy for customer to find the product they needed also merchant face the problem of losing customers.in this situation E commerce recommendation comes into exist. E commerce recommendation helps customers in what to buy and also help in their purchase process. An important topic is here to apply multidimensional association rules to E commerce database with clustering. This paper reviews some of the recent technology and methods used for E commerce recommendation. The aim is to illustrate what can be done and also to identify trends in these areas where further work is needed .

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