A Survey of Managing Congestion Control in ATM Network Using Fuzzy Logic

Paper Topic :

Networking theory and technologies

Author Name :

Jay Gandhi

Abstract :

This survey paper shows different mechanisms for controlling congestion in ATM network and some suggested solution for the existing mechanism to be modified using fuzzy logic. Different mechanisms are Jump Window (JW), Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA), and traditional Leaky Bucket (LB) and Fuzzy Leaky Bucket Algorithm. The Fuzzy Leaky Bucket (FLB) modifies the token rate according to the peak rate, mean rate and the burst time, which characterize the channel behaviour. This paper shows how the inference engine can be included in the design between Leaky bucket and ATM network. The performance of FLB using inference engine will be better than conventional mechanism techniques, in terms of both adaptive behaviours of responsiveness and selectivity.

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