Survey on recommendation system using semantic web mining

Paper Topic :

Data Mining

Author Name :

Nidhi V Madia

Abstract :

Recommendation system becomes an essential in web applications that provide many services and suggest some services automatically as per user’s interest. To develop a recommender system, the collaborative filtering approach is the well-known approach. Collaborative filtering has a major issue called cold start that is how to recommend new user. The performance of this kind of system is depended on huge amount of data. In this challenging world use of internet is increasing rapidly, people approaches to internet to get and share knowledge through many online tools. In today’s web there are many problems related to size of data and to handle that much unstructured data. The solution of that is combination of semantic web and web mining that is “semantic web mining”. In this paper we have reviewed various approaches for solving cold start problem in recommender system for e-commerce application.

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