A survey on different recommendation techniques for item ranking

Paper Topic :

Data Mining

Author Name :

Nidhi P Patel

Abstract :

Recommendation system turn into a most important in web applications that provide many services and suggest some services automatically as per user’s interest. In the achievement of current marketing field, different individual services in business play important roles. In websites, one of the precious tools of personal service is personalize recommendation technique. This technique makes great worth in internet marketing activities of e-Commerce. To construct the recommendation system, the collaborative filtering is very useful technologies in the field of recommender systems .Now a days the utilization of internet is expanding quickly, people approaches to internet to retrieve and share the information through numerous online tools. The achievement of the recommendation system relies on upon the value of the system. The usefulness can be measured in terms of accuracy, reliability, flexibility and diversity. To emphasis on improving recommendation accuracy, but diversity is neglected. There are many problems in today’s web related to the accuracy of recommendation engine. So there are various techniques are used to improve the diversity and accuracy of recommendation system.

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