Plagiarism Detection of Images

Paper Topic :

Image analysis and processing

Author Name :

Vipul Bajaj

Abstract :

Plagiarism detection for images is done to check for integrity of an image. As the amount of information transferred by images is increasing every day, it is important to authenticate the image. Proposed system uses perceptual hash to detect plagiarism. Perceptual hash is a robust technique which calculates similar hash value for similar images. By the simplified use of a distance function two perceptual hash values can be compared and, it can be understood whether the images being compared are perceptually different or not. Image rotation is not sensed by existing methodologies. Whereas proposed system compares the various rotated versions input query image to images present in the database. Perceptual image hash functions along with the rotation check can be used for the identification of plagiarised images, authentication or integrity verification of images.

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