Security aspects of internet in real life application

Paper Topic :

Security Technology and Infromation Assurance

Author Name :

Poonam Ashok Kakade

Abstract :

Internet security is a broad term that refers to the various steps individuals and companies take to protect computers or computer networks that are connected to the Internet. One of the basic truth behind Internet safety measures is that the Internet itself is not a safe environment. The Internet was originally conceive as an unfasten, securely linked computer network that would facilitate the free exchange of ideas and information. Data sent larger than the Internet—from personal e-mail messages to online shopping orders—travel through an ever-changing series of computers and network links. As a result, corrupt hackers and scam artists have ample opportunities to intercept and change the information. It would be virtually unfeasible to protected every computer connected to the Internet around the world, so there will expected forever be weedy relatives in the chain of data exchange.

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