Digital Image Sharing with Security

Paper Topic :

Image analysis and processing

Author Name :

Swati Dilip Gaikwad

Abstract :

The internet is ruling over the world in 21st century. The data can be shared within a fraction of second. As it makes our life simpler so also there are chances of occurring some problems. These are lot many ways to hide the confidential data such as cryptography, visual secret sharing schemes, addition of noise images, steganography etc. But, then also, there are chances of leaking data. Failure of the essential security. Hence, highly confidential data needs a security and a proper feedback. So that one can assume that the data is which is send is secured. This can be done in such a manner that the data which is to be send is hidden by using cryptography as well as stegnography and send to the receiver side. During this process a fifty percent of security is maintained. The remaining security can be achieved due to authentication. In this paper the face recognition is used for authentication purpose. This technique will result out the real or fake receiver. According to that, system will provide the response. If the receiver is authenticated then the sender will get the autoreply as the data is delivered successfully. In case if the receiver is unauthenticated then the data will be in a stand-by mode and also will inform to sender through a feed back message.

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