Numerical analysis of natural convection heat transfer from a radial heat sink

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Ashish Mahalle, Mangesh D. Shende

Abstract :

Due to rapid growth in semi conductor technology, there is a continuous increase of the system power and the shrinkage of size. High heat flux of electronic devices, e.g. projector, LED, high power chip, etc., require efficient cooling methods for heat dissipation in a limited region. This resulted in inevitable challenges in the field of thermal management of electronics to maintain the desirable operating temperature. This paper presents the details of numerical analysis of natural convection in a radial heat sink, composed of a horizontal circular base and rectangular fins. The general flow pattern is that of a chimney; i.e., cooler air entering from outside is heated as it passes between the fins, and then rises from the inner region of the heat sink. The numerical investigations are performed to compare the effects of three geometric parameters (fin length, fin height, and number of fins) and a single operating parameter (heat flux) on the thermal resistance and the average heat transfer coefficient for the heat sink array.

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