Determination of Stress Intensity Factor for a crack in thin plate under Mode-I loading using Finite Element Analysis

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Akash S. Ingle, S. J. Parihar

Abstract :

The failure of cracked components is governed by the stresses in the vicinity of the crack tip. The stress intensity factors depend on the geometry of the component and on loading condition. This study is on central cracked plate of a finite length. Basically stress Intensity factor is calculated analytically means by LEFM and computationally. ANSYSTM 14.5 is used as a computational tool. For different values of uniform pressure, stress intensity factor is calculated and then compared with analytical results and good agreement is noted between both approaches. This work is to find the optimal pre-cracked length, in order to eliminate the effect of the SIF and the Fracture toughness.

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