Tuned Mass Dampers as an Energy Dissipater

Paper Topic :

Structural Engineering

Author Name :

Mr. Prashant Pandey

Abstract :

This paper presents the analytical investigation carried out to study the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) as an Energy Dissipater using SAP2000. To control the vibration and drift of the seven storey concrete structure. The optimum parameters of tuned mass dampers are to be selected for a given mass ratio, damping ratio of structure, and time period of structures. The Behavior of the TMD subjected to five earthquake data, namely, Imperial, Loma Prieta, Northridge, Oakland, San-Fernando was studied under five conditions, numerical simulations are performed to study the structure with and without TMD installed. The building are installing in multiple TMD, they results are show in single, double and triple TMD as a tuned properly it can reduce the peak response of structures subjected to seismic forces. The displacement or drift results are comparing in earthquake data and TMD are shown and reductions in percentage are also shown.

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