Automatic Sorting machine using Conveyor Belt

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Sanjay Prakash Dabade

Abstract :

Design the automated sorting machine using conveyor belt to need the manufacturing industry in many fields is a very complex process. The system needs to develop in order to meet the industry satisfactions. This is an industrial automation based application. It shows the concept of normal conveyor belt, but with some intelligence. We can also call it as intelligent conveyor belt, as it has also ability to sort the object of different sizes. This helps to avoid size malfunctioning in production machines. In the core of the project, we are using field programmable gate array (FPGA). The FPGA is used in PLC and controls the relay and drives relay according to output of photo interrupter. IR rays in photodiode are used for detection. The objects of different sizes are passed through the sensors and the object having specified size is sorted. The belt is driven by drive circuit which is controlled by drive controller. By developing such sorting system the production rate of the manufacturing industry has been increased since these sorting systems replaced the human resources. Also the accidents in manufacturing industry can be prevented because the uses of operator in manufacturing floor had been reduced.

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