Earthquake Analysis of RCC Buildings on Hilly Terrain

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

Manish D. Meshram, Ashok R. Mundhada

Abstract :

Buildings (Structures) on hilly terrain require more attention than those on plane ground. On the slopes, buildings are always irregular and unsymmetrical in shape and have foundation have at different levels. Such buildings pose special structural and constructional problems. In this paper, seismic analysis of RCC buildings of three different stories (i.e. G+5, G+9and G+ 14) on hilly terrain with different slopes of 110, 180 and 270. Etab15 structural analysis software is used to analyze buildings with different configurations i.e. Step back, Step back-Set back and Set back configurations on hilly sloping ground under the effect of earthquake forces in zone IV and V.

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