Need of infrastructure development for Recreation and commercial activities near Pedhi river Walgaon Amravati A Riverfront Planning Approach

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

Aditi Gajanan Gadge, Praful M. Bagade

Abstract :

As the day by day increasing population in the urban as well as rural areas, the demand of spatial distribution, infrastructure as well as public amenities also increasing. The infrastructure plays an important role in people’s everyday lives. It is one of the biggest issues to use utilize the land use with proper infrastructure within the rural areas to enhance the economy and the mobility of rural livelihoods. The various problems like improper land use, lack of recreational, commercial activities, inefficient solid waste disposal, etc. Hence, it is urgent need to provide facilities like, farmer’s market, parks & playgrounds, proper parking system and local transport services, which will raise the development in terms of rural context.

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