Comparison of Carbon Emission & Embodied Energy between Brickwork & Waffle wall method for Industrial Building

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

Mr. Jayeshkumar S. Jain

Abstract :

This paper is about estimating the embodied energy consumed and co2 emissions in brickwork and precast waffle wall method for industrial building construction. The calculations are based on energy required and co2 emissions in manufacturing of material and its transportation to the site. When high energy building materials like brick, cement, and steel are used effectively by minimizing their wastage then there will be considerable reductions in co2 emissions and embodied energy in any type of buildings. In this paper it is shown that the total co2 emissions and embodied energy required can be reduced by 56.80%& 49.24% respectively just by adopting precast waffle wall method instead of brickwork method for industrial building

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