Separable Reversible Data Hiding – A Review

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

Rakesh D. Desale

Abstract :

Data Hiding is a process of representing some secret information (hide data) into cover media. This means that, the data hiding process connect two different sets of data. First, set of the embedded data and Second, a set of the cover media data. In most cases of data hiding, the cover media will experience some kind of distortion due to data hiding and hence cannot be inverted back to the original media. That is, some kind of permanent distortion has occurred to the cover media after the hidden data have been extracted out. Data hiding technique aims to embed some secret information into a carrier signal by altering the insignificant components for copyright protection or covert communication. In general cases, the data-hiding operation will result in distortion in the host signal. However, such distortion, no matter how small it is, is unacceptable to some applications, e.g., military or medical images. In this case it is imperative to embed the additional secret message with a reversible manner so that the original contents can be perfectly restored after extraction of the hidden data. A content owner encrypts the original uncompressed image using an encryption key.

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