Efficiency of Rotating Biological Contactor with Specially Designed Rotating Assemblies in the Treatment of Wastewater

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

M. L. Gulhane, S. P. Sangekar

Abstract :

The collection and treatment of wastewater is now-a-days very important due to scarcity of water. Also, the scarcity of water resources is becoming the major obstacles in the development of the country. Hence, the reuse of the treated wastewater proved to be necessary to overcome the shortage of water. Attached growth wastewater systems are the oldest used wastewater treatment technologies due to their effectiveness in the removal of various parameters like BOD, COD, TS, etc and their cost effectiveness. The Rotating Biological Contactor is one of the cost effective treatment technology used for the wastewater treatment as the process gives higher removal efficiency at minimum energy consumption.

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