Implementation of DS Finite Impulse Response Filter Using Multiple Constant Multiplications

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

Prof. Abhijit G. Kalbande

Abstract :

In the last two decades, many efficient algorithms and architectures have been introduced for the design of low complexity bit-parallel multiple constant multiplications (MCM) operation which dominates the complexity of many digital signal processing systems. On the other hand, little attention has been given to the digit-serial MCM design that offers alternative low complexity MCM operations albeit at the cost of an increased delay. In this paper, we address the problem of optimizing the gate-level area in digit-serial MCM designs and introduce high-level synthesis algorithms, design architectures, and a computer aided design tool. Experimental results show the efficiency of the proposed optimization algorithms and of the digit-serial MCM architectures in the design of digit-serial MCM operations and finite impulse response filters.

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