Survey of Various Attacks against Wireless ad hoc networks

Paper Topic :

Ad hoc networks for pervasive communications

Author Name :

Margam Suthar

Abstract :

Wireless networks are gaining popularity to its peak today, as the users want connectivity in terms of wireless medium irrespective of their geographic position. Wireless ad-hoc networks are composed of autonomous nodes that are self- managed without any infrastructure. In this way, ad-hoc networks have a dynamic topology such that nodes can easily join or leave the network at any time. They have many potential applications, especially, in military and rescue areas such as connecting soldiers on the battlefield or establishing a new network in place of a network which collapsed after a disaster like an earthquake. Ad-hoc networks are suitable for areas where it is not possible to set up a fixed infrastructure. Since the nodes communicate with each other without an infrastructure, they provide the connectivity by forwarding packets over themselves. As wireless ad-hoc networks lack an infrastructure, they are exposed to a lot of attacks.

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