A Review - Status of Recent Developments & Effect of Machining Parameters on Performance Parameters in EDM

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Priyesh N. Santoki

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The correct selection of manufacturing conditions is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration in the majority of manufacturing processes and particularly, in processes related to Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). Electrical Discharge Machining performance is generally evaluated on the basis of Overcut (OC), Material Removal Rate (MRR), Tool Wear Rate (TWR) and Surface Roughness (SR). The important EDM machining parameters affecting to the performance measures of the process are discharge current, pulse on time, pulse off time, arc gap, and duty cycle. A considerable amount of work has been reported by the researchers on the measurement of EDM performance on the basis of Overcut, MRR, TWR and SR for various materials. Several approaches are proposed in the literature to solve the problems related with optimization of these parameters. It is felt that a review of the various approaches developed would help to compare their main features and their relative advantages or limitations to allow choose the most suitable approach for a particular application and also throw light on aspects that needs further attention. In view of above, this paper also presents a review of development done in the EDM.

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