Design and Development of Combined Algorithm computing Technique to enhance Web Security

Paper Topic :

Security Technology and Infromation Assurance

Author Name :

Hardik Gohel

Abstract :

The computational technology is very popular and recent area of research and development. It is very useful to achieve computational things by using algorithms. There are various algorithms are available and there are also many computational techniques are available to perform various tasks. But these standard algorithms and computing techniques are not enough useful for providing as well as enhancing security to web. This leads us to the design and development of combined approach of algorithm computing technique to enhance website security. In this paper we are discussing the term of algorithm computing with its example. Paper also discusses about how algorithm computing technique is useful for enhancing web security. At last of the paper there is list about benefits and drawbacks of algorithm computing techniques for security purpose. We have concluded in this paper about various algorithms which we can use as a best technique of computing.

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