A Survey on Image Super Resolution Techniques

Paper Topic :

Image analysis and processing

Author Name :

Prachi Patel

Abstract :

The aim of this survey is to review different super resolution techniques, classify them into different categories and discuss the different types of super resolution algorithms. The SR imaging has been one of the fundamental image processing research areas. It can overcome or compensate the inherent hardware limitations of the imaging system to provide a clearer image with a richer and informative content. This paper reviews some of these methods. Super-resolution is the methodology of recouping a high-resolution image from numerous low-resolution images of the same scene. The objective of super resolution is to invert the impact of the down sampling, blurring and wrapping that relate the LR image to imagined HR image. In this survey paper we arrange the super resolution techniques, provide detailed of every techniques in every categories, as well as, describe the pros and cons of those methods.

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