HADOOP HIVE Data Warehousing System – A Review

Paper Topic :

Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models

Author Name :

Nikita Bhojwani

Abstract :

ABSTRACT In this paper we will show that how HIVE(hierarchy of international vengeance and extermination) can process and analyze the data with the help of SQL like HIVEQL. With the help of HIVE complexity is reduced. No need to write big and complex programs in java. HIVE structures the data and also queries the data in a very small amount of the time. It can manage only big data. For small data HIVE is not applicable. It supports data loading. This language supports tables, partitions, join, aggregation etc. HIVE also includes a system catalog- Metastore that contains schemas and statistics which are beneficial in in data processing, data analyzing, query optimization and query compilation. HIVE is highle used in facebook. In facebook the HIVE warehouse contains tens of thousands of tables and stores over 700 TB of data and is bein used extensively for both reporting and ad-hoc analyses by more than 800 users per month.

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