Theoretical issues on Research Methods in Cloud Computing: A Survey

Paper Topic :

Cloud Computing and Applications

Author Name :

Jignesh Patel

Abstract :

Cloud computing is an architecture for providing computing service via the internet on demand and pay per use to access a pool of shared resources namely networks, storage, servers, services and applications, without physically acquiring them. Using cloud computing, consumers can safe on cost of hardware deployment, software licenses and system maintenance. The two key advantages of this model are ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness. There are various research challenges for adopting cloud computing such as well managed service level agreement (SLA), privacy, interoperability and reliability. The outlines of this research paper is the various available models in cloud computing and the main security risks and issues that are currently present within the cloud computing industry. The paper aims to provide a understanding of the cloud computing model and exploring options available for research issues in cloud computing

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