A Secure File Storage Web Application in the Cloud

Paper Topic :

Cloud Computing and Applications

Author Name :

Sumedh N. Pundkar

Abstract :

Cloud computing is a relatively new and challenging concept; however, users may not fully trust Cloud Providers with their user data and can be dependant to store their files on Cloud Storage Services. There are general purpose file storage systems like Dropbox, MediaFire, iFolder etc, which allows client to upload files on the cloud. Though the current file storage applications does not provide client side encryption. This paper describes a solution that allows users to securely store files on a cloud. CStore is a web application deployed on Windows Azure cloud. It helps client to upload a file in encrypted form. Encryption is performed at the client side and it allows searchability through the user’s encrypted data. Users are able to submit encrypted keyword queries and, through a symmetric searchable encryption scheme, the system finds all files with such keywords contained within. User can access CStore via any web browser. User can only store his files but cannot share them. This application satisfies data confidentiality, data integrity and authentication. It is designed in such a manner that trust from a public cloud provider is not required. If there is a security breach at the cloud provider, the user’s data will continue to be secure since all data is encrypted. Users also do not need to worry about Cloud Providers gaining access to their data illegally.

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