Root Cause Analysis of Failures in the Testing of Concrete Cubes by CTM (2)

Paper Topic :

Concrete Engineering

Author Name :

Shreya Sule

Abstract :

The Compressive Testing Machine (CTM) is used in the concrete industry for testing the grades of the concrete produced. The entire infrastructure depends on the accuracy of the reading displayed by the CTM. The CTM can and has been found to display false readings. The causes to this can be a fault in CTM or the test specimen. The problems such as foundation of the machine, surface smoothness of the cube (test specimen), misalignment of the cube, seal of the hydraulic oil, grade of oil and the play of piston have been covered in this paper along with their solutions. As infrastructure is concerned, the failure of the CTM, to display accurate readings, can be both hazardous as well as expensive. We have made another paper under a similar title which covered a lesser number of the problems related to the CTM. After further study we were able to add a few more problems to this paper. We have also included the contents of the earlier paper so that it provides a link to the current one.

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