Key Policy Atteribute Based Encryption ( KP-ABE ) :A Review

Paper Topic :

Cloud Computing and Applications

Author Name :

Parmar Vipulkumar J.

Abstract :

There is an acceleration of adoption of cloud computing among enterprise. However, moving the infrastructure and sensitive data from trusted domain of the data owner to public cloud will pose security and privacy risks. Data security and policy are the critical issues for remote data storage. A security user enforced data access control mechanism must be provided before cloud users have the liberty to outsource sensitive data to the cloud for storage. With the emergence of sharing confidential corporate data on cloud servers, it is imperative adopt and efficient encryption system with a fine grain access control to encrypt outsourced data. Key Policy Attribute Based Encryption (KP-ABE) scheme is designed for one to many communications. KP-ABE scheme can be achieve fine grain access control and more flexibility to control users. In this paper we are going to enhanced KP-ABE Access Control to Encryptor can decide who can Decrypt data.

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