Large Data Migration within cloud Enviornment using Compression and Encryption Technique

Paper Topic :

Cloud Computing and Applications

Author Name :

Rajeshri Vaidya

Abstract :

ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is rapidly growing computation paradigm. Cloud Computing combines all the IT capabilities which can be used together, easily implemented and managed with minimum efforts. Lots of organizations are taking advantages of cloud capabilities such as online services, dynamic resource allocation etc. Basically, multinational organizations have huge amount of data, so migration on commercial cloud platforms will charge high by their respective cloud service providers. So for such organizations it’s better to use open source cloud platforms. The main aim of this work is to improve performance by reducing the time complexity, which will move data from one cloud storage to other cloud storage with minimum time. Therefore, this paper, propose migration strategy using compression of efficient data movement within different cloud storage environments with encryption for security & also this paper deals with comparative study on different open source cloud platform, which will help to analyze and suggest one of their cost effective solution. Keywords: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Compression, Migration, open source cloud platforms, private cloud.

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