Internet Banking Security to Stop Phishing

Paper Topic :

Security Technology and Information Assurance

Author Name :

Gunjan pathak

Abstract :

Internet banking is increasing day by day at very high speed. For this increasing technology it is important to provide a higher level security, the present technology used for the security purpose is the OTP(one time password) and this technology is based on mobile connection and to avoid using other medium we have used the same internet medium using Email. The system will send a mail to the email-id given by the customer. She/he has to download that image which will be in the .png format and give the path to the bank website for the authentication purpose. The image will be less than 2^64 bits in length. The last 16 bits of an image will be used to pass the security code for verification. This security code will be generated using MD5 (Message Digest 5) algorithm. Internet banking anti-phishing system provides higher security by using the two factor authentication i.e. one by login id and password authorization and the other authorization done with the help of email id given by the customer.

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