“Correlation Study for Assessment of Water Quality and Its Parameters of Par River Valsad, Gujarat, India”

Paper Topic :

Environmental Engineering

Author Name :

Jinal Patel

Abstract :

ABSTRACT: In the present work water samples are collected from eight different location of Par river in Valsad city from August 2014 to January 2014 on monthly basis for assessment of water quality for monsoon and post monsoon season carried out. The water sample analyzed for eleven Physico-chemical parameters namely Temperature, pH, electrical conductivity (EC), Turbidity, Total dissolve solids (TDS), Dissolve oxygen (DO), Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), chloride, Total hardness, Sulphate Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) value is determined using correlation matrix to identify the highly correlated and interrelated water quality parameters. To test the significance of the pair of parameters p-value is carried out and in order to test the joint effects of several independent variables, without frequent or repeated monitoring of water quality in a location. The result indicate that The mean values of all the measured physico-chemical parameters of Par river water are within the highest desirable limit set by WHO. Therefore water found to be potable after some primary treatment. The correlation study and correlation coefficient values can help in selecting a few parameters which could be frequently measured to determine the status of water quality regularly. This will help the regulatory bodies to issue a warning on deteriorating water quality and taking steps to implement control measures for the water body.

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