Two Phase Flow Analysis for Vertical Pipe

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Suraj P. Nagabhushana

Abstract :

Abstract—Multiphase flow, the simultaneous flow of more than one phase, occurs in various facets of engineering. In the operation of fluid energy conversion systems, such as boilers and nuclear reactors, two-phase flow occurs by design or can occurs in an accident situation (LOCA). In order to design a system or to prevent such systems from accident, analysis of two-phase flow is very important. In this paper identification of the flow regimes in the vertical section of an emergency condenser channel having diameter 0.0452m and length 13.4196m using map developed on works of Taitel and Dukler and Ishii and Hewitt and Roberts map. The vertical section of the channel was divided into two nodes having length of 0.21m. The input data provided by NPCIL was analyzed to determine flow regimes. A code was developed based on the conditions established by the maps aforementioned and the regimes were indentified. The output was plotted in the form of graphs. The regimes obtained from the code were corroborated by NPCIL using internationally accepted standard Relap5 code output. Keywords—emergency condenser channel; regimes; Relap5; Hewitt and Roberts map; NPCIL.

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