Auto-Balancing Two Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Robot

Paper Topic :

Control and Automation

Author Name :

Om J. Sawant

Abstract :

The inverted pendulum platform is an example of classic unstable control system [4]. Although it is a fairly tested and documented concept, it draws attention of many researchers due to its application in auto balancing two-wheeled robots. Auto balancing two wheeled robot is characterized by its ability to balance on coaxial two wheels and to spin on a smaller base space. This provides with enormous advantage to maneuver in small and tidy work spaces, which is a drawback issue in case of conventional four wheeled robots. The work presented here focuses on implementation of inverted pendulum auto balancing robot by means of a stable control system. This paper enlightens the use of Kalman filter and PID controller algorithms to achieve the desired stability of the inverted pendulum system by discrete digital algorithmic approach.

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