Performance Analysis for Nosql and Sql

Paper Topic :

Data Base Management System

Author Name :

Megha Katkar

Abstract :

With the current emphasis on “Big Data”, NoSQL databases have surged in popularity. These databases are claimed to perform better than SQL database.This trend created a lot of excitement throughout the community of web application developers and among data management developers and researchers. But it also created a lot of debate. Our aim to independently investigate the performance of some NoSQL and SQL databases in the light of key-value stores along with features as Overall time,Transactional integrity and time. A bank application supporting these basic operations is designed and implemented using all the databases tested. Experimental results measure the timing of these operations and we summarize our findings of how the databases stack up against each other. Our results show that NoSQL database with SQL features i.e Foundationdb perform better than SQL and NoSQL databases. And for each database, the performance varies with each operation.

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