Garbage Monitoring and Management using Sensors, RF- ID, and GSM

Paper Topic :

Real-time information systems

Author Name :

Nimmi Pandey

Abstract :

After a dedicated survey and keen observation, it was found that the developing eastern countries are lagging behind in context of cleanliness and hygiene as compared to the developed countries. Deadly Swine Flu is an ongoing example. The death rate is much higher due to unhygienic conditions .In order to cope up with the situation, Shree Narendra Modi , PM of India has presented a unique example of a way to achieve cleanliness by launching a campaign popularly known as SWACCHHA BHARAT ABHIYAN (Clean India Mission) in which every individual irrespective post and authority, has to maintain clean surrounding. But it is almost impossible to do so in the contemporary busy world. And here comes the miracle of science and technology.

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