Accelerometer Based Gesture Controlled wheel chair with GPS, GSM navigation

Paper Topic :

GPS and location-based applications

Author Name :

Nakul K. Patel

Abstract :

Robots of the future should communicate with humans in a natural way. Hence, we are interested in hand motion based gesture interfaces. The purpose of this study was to present a reliable means for human-computer interfacing based on hand gestures made in two dimensions, which controlled by a microcontroller. In this paper we discuss the architecture of an intelligent wheelchair working on wireless hand gesture control and not by the usual method of keypad for the physically handicapped people. Unlike others before it, this project also has a distress call system (GSM) to alert the concerned people or family in times of necessity for the person, by the person himself/herself from an alert switch, thus we can save the chair from accidents. So Physically handicapped people will have the option of controlling the system through hand gesture wirelessly from ranges up to several meters and will have the independence of using the wheelchair without any assistance [5].

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