Palm Vein Technology

Paper Topic :

Bio-science and Bio-technology

Author Name :

Miss. Anushree Kanungo

Abstract :

Abstract: Hand line of thinking technological innovation are one of the future technological innovation which is extremely protected. It is the world’s first contactless personal identification system that uses the vein impressions in human palms to validate a person’s identity. It is extremely protective and is also extremely precise. Moreover, its contact less function gives it a sanitary benifits over other fingerprint confirmation technologies. Veins are internal in the body and have wealth of differentiating features, assuming false individuality through forgery is extremely difficult, thereby enabling an extremely high level of security. The Palm Protective technology is designed in such a way that it can only recognize the vein impression of living people. This technology can be used in various fields like banking, hospitals, government offices, in passport issuing, etc. Applications for the device include physical admission into protective areas; log-in to PCs or server systems; ATMs, POS or kiosks access; positive ID control; and other industry specific applications. This paper also describes some examples of financial results and product applications for the general market that have been developed based on this technology.

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