Music Information Retrival Raga Identification Based On Carnatic Music

Paper Topic :

Open Models and Architectures

Author Name :

Jayshri Avinash Mahajan

Abstract :

A method to identify the raga of a Carnatic music. Carnatic Music is the name given to the Classical Music of South India. Carnatic Music is believed to have divine origins - spirit Saraswati, the Hindu deity of Learning, is depicted with the veena, a fretted musical instrument. A Raga is the basic melodic form used in Indian traditional Music, both Hindustani as well as Carnatic style It is a composite idea that can be dealt with at various levels from philosophical to technical. However, it is much more than just the sum of those characteristics. The frequency components of the signal are then determined and we map these frequency components into the swara sequence and thereby determine the Raga of the exacting song, which could be used to index the songs and further for retrieval based on the Raga.

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