A Review Of World’s Tallest Skyscraper – The Burj Khlifa, Dubai

Paper Topic :

Structural Engineering

Author Name :

Harshal P. Gandhi

Abstract :

The BURJ KHALIFA is not simply to be the world’s higest building but it is world’s higest aspirations having final height of 828 meters and iconic structures of dubai as well as world. These kind of sky scrappers like TAIPEI, WORLD TRADE CENTRE, PETRONUS TOWER are example of enginnering excellence. These structure shows how engineering can go beyond our imagination and shows that with the help of engineering and determination we can construct HERITAGE structures of modern era. All though these structures are very costly and construction is very tough but it shows how we develop in our civic amenities. Design, detailing, architecture, construction and all other parameters can lead us towards the construction of BURJ KHALIFA and many such others exceptional sky scrappers.

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