GSM based electronics notice board via SMS

Paper Topic :

Communication and Networking Systems

Author Name :

Pancholi Anjaliben Yogeshbhai

Abstract :

The main aim of this electronic noticeboard is that we can display the notice in the form of message at the output device LED display. This electronic noticeboard is used in many places like institutes, organization, parks, stations and many public places where everyday writing the notices is very tough and time consuming that’s why this electronic notice board is most important now a days.In this project, the message to be displayed is sending through a SMS.The GSM modem receives this SMS. The commands are serially transferred to the modem through the MAX232 and the GSM modem transmits the stored messages through the COM port. The microcontroller , which is from 8051 family validates this SMS and display the messages in LCD display board.The GSM based notice board contain both hardware and software.In this model LCD display can be used for simulation purpose.

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