Application of Modern Technology in Agriculture

Paper Topic :

Image analysis and processing

Author Name :

Pooja Tripathi

Abstract :

In today’s world, there is a need to improve soil health and crop health for better results in agriculture. In this paper two aspects are covered. First is measuring various soil parameters like Ph, moisture content, humidity, infiltration rate, etc which are calculated using various sensors and processed through 8051 microcontroller. Then the detailed information is given to the farmer on his handset mobile through GSM module .Second is automatic early detection of plant diseases in large fields of crop using proposed methodology in digital image processing. Texture features of healthy, diseased and sample leaves are computed using GLCM(gray level co-occurrence matrix)and are compared using MATLAB software. The proposed algorithm efficiency can successfully detect and classify the examined diseases with accuracy of 94%.It help farmers in knowing the health of soil as well as crop health so that he can take corrective action for better productivity

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