Automated Attendance System

Paper Topic :

Image analysis and processing

Author Name :

Sandeep Sonsane

Abstract :

This paper conveys our proposed automated attendance system using image processing. The hand written signature is regarded as the primary means of identifying the signer of a written document based on the implicit assumption that a person’s normal signature changes slowly and is very difficult to erase, alter or forge without detection. It is easy for people to migrate from using the popular pen-and-paper signature to one where the handwritten signature is captured and verified. A person’s signature is essential biometric attribute of a human being and is used for authorization purpose. Signature recognition verifies writer’s identity by checking the signature against samples kept in the database. The result is usually between 0 and 1 which represents a fit ratio (1 for match and 0 for mismatch). Signature recognition is most often used to describe the ability of a computer to translate human writing into text. As signature is the important mechanism both for authentication and authorization in legal transactions, therefore optimized auto-mated solutions for signature verification has raised.

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