Stability Concern of Large Power Projects in India

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

Gaurav Shekhar

Abstract :

Power sector in India is the third largest, which stands after China and Japan. CEA load generation balance report 2014-15 indicates that the peak demand in 2014-15 has increased to 1,47,815 MW as compared to 2013-14 value of 1,35,918 MW, with the deficit of 3027 MW in 2014-15 as compared to 6013MW in 2013-14. This indicates that peak demand deficit are narrowing down, but this will not be same for subsequent years as the proposed GDP growth of over 7% next year with respect to 4-5% in past years. To bridge the demand supply gap, government of India has taken many initiatives to add large thermal power stations with super critical technology. With recent trend in establishing EHV and UHV transmission system grid it becomes economical to install bigger unit size of 660MW and 800MW. This has advantage in reducing generation cost, economy of scale, better heat rate, better efficiency and lower adverse impact on environment.

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