Behavior Of DFIG Under LLG Fault When Connected To Dynamic Voltage Restorer

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Expert approaches

Author Name :

Mrs. Parineeta Andhansare

Abstract :

Doubly Fed Induction Generator is used to generate electrical power in large wind turbines. The power electronics devices used in DFIG processes only a fraction of the generator output power which means the power supplied to or from the generator rotor windings is typically about 30% of the generator rated power. When there are symmetrical and asymmetrical faults like LG fault, LL, LLG, LLL, and LLLG fault on the grid connected system using variable speed wind turbine with DFIG then it is necessary to use protective device to overcome voltage dips due to the faults to get better power quality. For this purpose the Dynamic voltage restorer is used. The dynamic voltage restorer is a series connected voltage source converter. The strength of this device is in low voltage distribution applications where it is used to compensate dynamic power quality problems such as voltage sags. DVR injects the voltage in quadrature with one of the line end voltages in order to regulate active power flow

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