Enhancement in Electricity generation & waste water treatment by increasing surface area of electrodes (four blade, six blade & eight blade electrodes) in dual chamber mediator less microbial fuel cell

Paper Topic :

Environment Engineering

Author Name :

Prof. P. M. Pathak

Abstract :

The main focus of study was enhancement of electricity generation by increasing surface area of electrodes by using four blades, six blade & eight blade electrodes of graphite in mediator less dual chambered microbial fuel cell (MFC). After inoculation & electrochemical process, it was observed that maximum open circuit voltage (OCV) were 1.431 V with eight blade electrodes, 1.351 V with six blade electrodes, 1.183 V with four blade electrodes, 1.023 V with graphite rod & 0.741 V with carbon rod. This study shows that we can enhance the electricity generation by increased surface area of electrodes in MFC.

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